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Refuel the system

Faults can affect the running of your vehicle over time and this is no different when it comes to your air conditioning. Can’t remember the last time your vehicle has an air conditioning service? Perhaps you’ve noticed that your system is no longer producing cool air the wat it once did. Whatever the case, we recommend that you bring your vehicle in for regular air conditioning services at Wimbledon Garages. During an air conditioning service at our garage in Wimbledon, our qualified team will inspect the condition of your system while refuelling vital lubricants and gases. These vital gases are essential in keeping the system producing the cool and warm air that you rely on your system to produce.

Bacterial cleanse at Wimbledon Garages

An air conditioning service is vital for your vehicle, not just in restoring any newly developed faults, but also in preventing a built up of bacteria. Potentially dangerous to drivers, over time fungi and bacteria can build up in the moist air vents of your air conditioning system and will be released into the cabin of your car when the system has been switched on. A cleanse of your system is vital if you are experiencing a funky smell every time you switch your air conditioning on. Get rid of any strange smells and clean your system when you book an air conditioning service at Wimbledon Garages.

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Improved economy

If you are noticing that your air conditioning is no longer performing the way that it once did, it may be down to a fault that has developed, affecting the running of your air conditioning. If a fault has developed in the system, your vehicle will have to function harder to run the faulty system. This will result in more energy and fuel used. To reduce the amount of energy that your car uses and the amount you spend on fuel, repair the fault during an air conditioning service.

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